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Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile Web Design: What it is and What it Means
By 2014, mobile Internet usage is predicted to overtake desktop Internet usage. For those not already on board with mobile web design, the train is now officially leaving the station. However, mobile design is not merely a matter of making objects smaller. Instead, mobile design calls for an entirely different philosophy and perspective. Some of these differences are obvious and some less ... Read More

  • visualscope
  • 02/01/2015

How to Write Excellent Website Content

The overall design of a website will influence a visitor's split-second decision whether to stay or leave a particular URL. Design includes items such as the layout, font style and color, as well as the choice of graphics and pictures. However, once the visitor is drawn in by the design, the quality of a site's written text will have a lasting effect on both whether a visitor will remain for a ... Read More

  • visualscope
  • 02/01/2015

Retina Ready Images and Responsive Web Design

I want you to clearly understand what Retina Display is. In the simplest of terms, it means a high definition display, that's it. Also, Apple products are not excusive to this type of display. Retina Display is simply Apple's term for is but other phones, tablets and monitors too have higher quality displays. But, because these displays are being widely implemented and used, it is more than ever important to create ... Read More

  • Paula Borowska
  • 26/12/2014

Typesetting Paragraphs on Web Pages

I do not know who started it, but at some point in the web relatively short history, we decided that paragraphs displayed on web pages should be "typeset" in a manner similar to what we see by default in a Microsoft Word document: an empty line after a paragraph, and no indent for each paragraph.

Somehow it was unanimously settled upon that the traditional manner of typesetting paragraphs - with indents and ... Read More

  • Louis Lazaris
  • 06/12/2014

Good Code Solves Problems

It should be a coder goal to make sure that every character in every line of code serves some purpose.

The quality of code is not dependent on good form, prettiness, or theoretical benefits. Code should solve problems.

HTML5 lets you omit closing paragraph tags and closing tags for list items. Some cringe at the thought of this, but it is perfectly valid code. So if omitting extra tags helps your code become ... Read More

  • Louis Lazaris
  • 05/12/2014

Website Critical Success Factors

Whilst every one visual tastes are different, there are several universal principles that successful websites embody. We have distilled these down for you into a simple list of critical success factors. As the web matures, visitors come to your site with higher expectations. Failing to satisfy those expectations can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of your website.

Quality Content

People visit your site to view content, so providing worthwhile content is one of the ... Read More

  • Web Design Experts
  • 02/12/2014

SEO is Killing Content Quality

Search engine optimization (SEO) tips include website design best practices for how to get Google to rank your content higher in search engine results placement or SERP.

In fact, the preceding sentence is a great example of just how cumbersome this practice has made Web-based communications. By ensuring that I used the phrases, "search engine optimization (SEO) tips," "website design best practices," "how to get Google to rank your content higher" and ... Read More

  • David Diamond
  • 02/12/2014

Avoid These Common Web CMS Implementation Pitfalls

Content Management Systems (CMS) have evolved tremendously in the last decade, maturing into an impressive list of offerings. As these offerings have grown in complexity, so too has implementation. Selecting the right solution for your company and a digital partner can mitigate these challenges, but once your implementation is underway a few common issues can cause havoc on the project.

1. Getting timely requirements from business

This common concern of any technical project ... Read More

  • Ali Alkhafaji
  • 21/11/2014

Relevancy and Usability

These elements are generally most important to the human visitor to a page, but benefitting the user is a great way to gain more visitors and more rank. Being constantly accessible and easy to understand can only benefit a site through loyalty from current customers and increased numbers of new customers.

The relevancy of a site to the keywords is of utmost importance. Relevancy describes how close a relationship is between two ... Read More

  • Clearpath
  • 24/11/2014

What is Page Rank?

Page ranking is the basis of how search engines operate. By giving each page a rating based on the page's quality and relevancy, search engines can begin to differentiate between quality sites and inferior sites. Through SEO practices, a company will improve their overall quality and thus improve their ranking in search engines. Since search engines want to give the best product possible to searchers, rankings assure users that they are ... Read More

  • Clearpath
  • 24/11/2014

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